The soul of our company

We are rooted in this belief:  Our work stands in time, long after we have left the buildings we construct, allowing those who live and work in them to become storytellers of their own lives.

We’re a San Diego based company spending every day perfecting our general contracting services for commercial property owners as well as commercial tenants. Imagine blending large company experience with the personal approach of a boutique team, one with over 26 million square feet of commercial improvements in their history. All these projects were completed thanks to our full spectrum of general contracting services, our veteran staff of senior management, project managers, support staff, field staff and superintendents assuring focus through project completion.

The Daily Manifesto

Every day holds the potential to do something well and right and good.

We promise quality and value anchored to the simple truths that people deserve to be respected for their ideas and contribution to making something world class. We aspire to facilitate the hopes and dreams of those we work with. We aspire to build a more genuine world. 

Our Team

At Dempsey, we value our team because, after all, a company is made up of the people that work hard every day.

Our Office: Genuine Building Starts Here

We created an office environment conducive to conversation, effective project collaboration, and relationship building. A space that serves as another example of our work and the lengths we’ll go to to make a place where people feel comfortable; a place where they want to spend their days.


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We love hearing from you!  Whether you want to send over a message regarding a new building, start an estimating process, or help us put together a bid, you can always send us a message from this form throughout the site, or give us a call direct. We can't wait to hear from you.