Words From Our Clients

We have had the opportunity to work with Dempsey Construction on numerous occasions and they are truly exceptional. They have the team, ability to execute, and true understanding of what it takes to build world class-projects with a budget and schedule. We look forward to working with John Dempsey, Nick Alford and the entire team at Dempsey on many projects in the future.

Masis Kevorkian

President, Elevation Entertainment / Partner, Monarch Group

Very impressive Charles and Drew…Great job with the Gensler/Dempsey collaboration. It was an honor to watch such skilled professionals ball out and meet this very ambitious goal. Congratulations.  We definitely hired the right Contractor for the job.

Albert deBerardinis


I personally think the project turned out great. I appreciate everyone’s extra efforts and focus to make this project successful. I look forward to working with this team on the next one!

Eric Grumann


Thanks for the great job each one of you did.  Given the extent of renovation/revisions to the main building and challenging site conditions, this project was well managed and supervised.  From pre-construction thru construction and close-out this is one of the best run projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on.  I know its John’s name on the door, but each one of you take your work seriously, with passion, good professional attitude as if it were your company, I’m sure John is so proud to have such a talented group of professionals.

Scott Merry


I want to point out the extra help from Dempsey who is our contractor. They were right with us the whole time………we would never be here today without them.

David Gilmore

Principal, LPA, INC.

Great job Dempsey Construction. Thank you for building me an awesome restaurant. Your team from top to bottom was efficient, intelligent, and on time. I can’t wait to build my second restaurant with you.

Charlie Boghosian


Dempsey Construction has successfully completed several projects at The La Jolla Country Day School. The in-depth knowledge and professionalism of the Dempsey Construction team provides the assurances that our projects will be delivered on-time, on budget, and consist of the highest quality of finished work.

Mark Marcus

Asst. Head of School for Operations, LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL

I think that you did a fantastic job, your commitment shows and is truly appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work.

Ron Lack


We started dreaming about our new office space with our general contractors, Dempsey Construction & Legacy Building Services, almost a year ago. Specializing as a design build firm, Dempsey+Legacy were instrumental in developing the vision and scope of the project. They efficiently dismantled our existing building, while saving as much original material as possible to reduce our construction waste footprint. The new, airy, and comfortable working environment is a testament to their design ethics and construction skills.

Horacio Valeiras

CEO & Founder, HAV Capital

My experiences with John Dempsey is nothing short of excellent. Throughout the entire development process, I always felt that John was looking after my interest first and I always felt comfortable that whatever the challenges, JD and his team would be there to implement an effective solution.

Brad Kelly


I will definitely consider you for additional projects. You have been extremely professional and conscientious which is very hard to find in General Contractors. Also feel free to use me as a reference anytime you need I will definitely sing your praises.

Bert Elliott


It is such a pleasure to work with people who maintain such a high level of honesty, unbelievable knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and just plain common courtesy. John is so well known and respected in this community as a highly qualified professional that it is my honor to be able to work with him at Dempsey Construction.

Laurie Walker


Our firm was extremely fortunate to have Dempsey Construction build out our new office.  Their team was outstanding and had a short window to complete the project by the scheduled move-in date.  The Dempsey team not only met the completion date, but did so with incredible attention to detail.  Their knowledge, expertise and willingness to take the extra step are what makes Dempsey Construction stand out above the rest.

Sunshine Stein


Our particular team was excellent.  If we used Dempsey on our next project, I would want this team again…all extremely helpful and professional.  We are very pleased with the process and the product.

Susan Hoehn


Dempsey is a first-class team. Highly professional, thoughtful and diligent. They went above and beyond to make sure our project came in on time and on budget. I could not have been happier with their execution.

Travis King


We had our Grand Opening event today. It was a huge hit and the space looks GREAT! Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and dedication to this project. Your hard work is evident and the customers LOVE it

Gricelda Dawson

Operations Manager, THE IRVINE COMPANY

I just wanted to send you a quick note about how great it is to work with the Dempsey guys. It’s surprising to find an entire team this competent and hardworking… Usually you’re lucky to get one or two on a project, but I really have to say that they are all great contributors to the project and I don’t think we could have gotten this far, this fast, and on budget without them.

Dave MacKinnon

Principal, NBC/7 SAN DIEGO

The Dempsey Construction team played a vital role in bringing our vision to a reality. From the initial stages of project planning and fundraising, through construction and completion, the Dempsey professionals, delivered outstanding communication and customer service to the school. Comprehensive budgeting, planning and scheduling during pre-construction allowed us to successfully construct a new building in the heart of our campus, while at the same time continuing to operate the school and provide a safe environment for our students.

Adela Corrales


I have worked with Dempsey Construction on two occasions and in both instances their execution was superb.  They not only adhered to an aggressive timeline in both instances but they were able to accommodate unforeseen requirements in a cost-effective manner.  The team at Dempsey is second to none.

Mac Armstrong


John’s unquestionable commitment to “doing what is right” says it all. I possess a confidence in him that allows me to freely stand beside him and his desire to execute faithfully that which is right on behalf of the clients we mutually serve. My test of professional character leans toward those who I feel will solidly stand when things are tough as well as when they are simple. I can say without question…John Dempsey stands tall.

Gordon R. Carrier


The level of professionalism and teamwork displayed by Dempsey Construction and LPA has been amazing. This is a small, but challenging project, due to timing and funds….there will be surprises as we move through the schedule in the coming weeks (and Months) and I have every confidence in our team that we will brainstorm each challenge and make quick decisions to address….and keep pushing forward.

Lance Bell


Based on Dempsey’s performance to our facilities, we highly recommend them. They were open and honest in our contract; the price was fair; they know their business; they were professional and efficient in their performance, they were easy to get along with, they cleaned the premises regularly; the office was completed as designed; it was beautifully finished and they finished ahead of schedule. We couldn’t have asked for more

Jack Charon

Financial Manager, AVIA DENTAL CARE

Dempsey Construction displays a high degree of integrity, organization and responsiveness. Their team prides themselves on providing a quality product. Dempsey Construction takes great care of their subcontractors and clients and would be an asset to any project.

Michael Lewis

President, MC PAINTING

We have had the pleasure of working with Dempsey Construction on a number of projects; from retail, to commercial, to Assisted Living. At all times they have been extremely professional, responsive and dedicated to delivering a quality product within budget and schedule. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Richard Houk