What Drives Dempsey: TC3G

At Dempsey Construction, our foundation is built upon the core values that define who we are as a modern general contractor. Our TC3G framework encapsulates our dedication to Teamwork, Competition, being Genuine, “GSD” (Getting $#IT done), and Grit. These values drive us to excel individually and as a team, ensuring that we consistently deliver excellence in all that we do.

Team Player | Competitive | Genuine | GSD | Grit

Our mission is to cultivate a culture of authenticity within and outside the office. We prioritize putting our team first, supporting each other, and acting purposefully and characterfully. Through weekly events such as workout classes, acai/coffee truck pop-ups, car washes, and bringing your dog to work day on Fridays, we strengthen the bond that unifies our team.

In addition to fostering teamwork, we maintain a competitive edge. Our “Brewing on Tap” wall showcases the projects our staff is working on, reflecting our commitment to keeping commitments, delivering solutions, and building trust with our clients. As our president, John Dempsey, emphasizes, “We love to win and hate to lose,” driving us to improve and exceed expectations continuously.

Community involvement is paramount to us, as evidenced by our support for over 15 charities and donations exceeding $150,000 in 2023. From building homes for families in Mexico to participating in beach cleanups and supporting organizations like the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Shelter to Soldier, we strive to make a positive impact beyond our organization’s walls.

Our commitment to GSD (Get S**t Done) is more than just a motto—it’s ingrained in our work ethic. We cultivate a culture of productivity, discipline, and an action-oriented mindset, ensuring that we consistently deliver outstanding results. We are dedicated to turning our ideas into reality with upcoming projects on the horizon and plans to break ground in Southern California in early August.

At Dempsey Construction, grit is one of our pillars. It embodies the mental toughness and unwavering passion that drive us to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. With resilience and determination, we push forward, consistently delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations.

Join us in our commitment to excellence, modernity, and unwavering dedication as we continue to serve our clients and partners with unreasonable hospitality.