Chris Brown Superintendent

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University, Chris Brown serves as a Superintendent for Dempsey Construction. Previously working at Turner Construction Company, Brown has a background in overall management of field operations, development of project schedules, budgeting, coordinating field operations with subcontracts, drawings, and specifications, and mitigating and identifying project risks. Chris has proficiency in managing large projects reaching up to 300 million dollars, pushing him to continuously work at a high level in project problem-solving in private, public, federal, and education buildings. He has experience leading and supervising other superintendents and staff, especially surrounding the completion of performance appraisals, buyouts and procurement, and identification of critical path thinking. As a superintendent, Brown has direct responsibility for job site supervision of subcontractors and their crews, ordering and controlling material and equipment, job scheduling and labor cost controls, coordination and scheduling of city and county agencies, as well as overall coordination and scheduling of all subcontractors.