Irvine, CA

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Von Karman Corporate Center


25 Acres
Scope Renovation/ Reposition

The Von Karman Corporate Center project consisted of re-positioning a 9-building, 450,000 SF office campus on 25 acres. The work scope consisted of demolishing all exterior areas including landscape, hardscape, and common areas. The entire exterior area surrounding the buildings was completely redesigned. New improvements included:

  • Multiple new amenity spaces with barbecues.
  • Sports courts
  • Dog runs
  • Outdoor conference centers
  • Seating areas
  • Poured-in-place walls and seating areas
  • Metallic sunshade features
  • New hardscape and landscape throughout

Improvements to the individual building structures included installing new architectural elements and paint.

The campus was occupied, and construction occurred while the building remained open and operating.