San Diego, CA

Scripps Cancer Support Services

Historic Renovations, Lab & Medical
Scope Renovation/ Reposition

“I was the project manager for the restoration of a 42KSF historically registered building on an active hospital campus. The project included ancillary utility work within the hospital and compliance with infection control and other hospital procedures. Dempsey’s team worked together with myself and the healthcare facility I was representing as the most collaborative project team I have been a part of. They listened well to all of the hospitals’ concerns and desires and quickly familiarized themselves with the policies and requirements of working on a hospital campus. The ego which I have seen hamper so many other contractors when presented with unfamiliar project requirements was not present with Dempsey, instead, they actively worked to learn and succeed within the requirements.

Dempsey was a great partner throughout this project and I received many expressions of commendation for both the quality of their work and their approach to partnering with the healthcare facility I represented. I would highly recommend Dempsey and hope to work with them in the future.” – Dylan Williams, Construction Project Manager, Jacobs”