Murrieta, CA

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KTM North America


Office, Special Projects
Scope Ground Up/ Site Work/ Tenant Improvement

Ground-up construction of a 3-building, 147,000 SF office campus across 15 acres, serving as the North American Headquarters for the global KTM motorsports organization. Following 2 years of planning and entitlement, scope delivered 3 distinct buildings:

  • A 2-story, 58,120 SF Class A office building with corporate offices, conference rooms, media rooms, photography studios, Kiska design team, technical training rooms, common spaces, and a dedicated area for E-bike research and development
  • A 1-story, 60,860 SF research and training facility for Motorsports including Motocross, Supercross, and Off-Road race team facilities, mechanic stations, factory service, WP suspension, R&D, automated parts storage, Dyno facility and elevated mezzanine storage
  • A 1-story, 20,600 SF warehouse including reconditioning, truck docks and logistics coordination

“We worked with Dempsey Construction for nearly three years on the design and development of KTM’s flagship North American headquarters and race team facility. It was clear to us that success on our project was only possible if we built a high-performing team from the onset. We chose to engage Dempsey in the early stages of design and entitlement. They embraced the process and provided trusted guidance on cost, schedule, constructability, supply chain, and logistics. They provided real-time, actionable information throughout the preconstruction and construction process. They have been a key partner to keeping us on budget, on our timeline and have provided guidance on potential challenges throughout the construction process.

The Dempsey team members love the work they do. They are committed, passionate, authentic, respectful and incredibly experienced. They too have a performance based culture that we love and they promise and most importantly deliver excellence.” – John Hinz, CEO, KTM North America”