Mission Viejo, CA

Gateway Retail Center


Repositions, Retail
Scope Renovation/ Reposition

The Gateway project consisted of a full interior and exterior facade renovation of an existing 30,000 SF building along with the construction of an additional 12,000 SF of new buildings:

  • The scope of work associated with the anchor building (Amazon Fresh) consisted of modifying the building exterior to accommodate a new entry storefront, and loading facilities and delivering the building per the Tenant’s work letter
  • In addition to Tenant’s work, Dempsey Construction conducted a full site renovation, including:
  • Demolition of an existing commercial bank, the successful installation of a soldier pile wall measuring 350 Linear Feet long and 26 Feet high, installation of a 96″ diameter, 450 Feet long, storm drain chamber, as well as multiple utility connections to the street