San Diego, CA

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The Lot Liberty Station


Historic Renovations, Repositions, Retail
Scope Historic Renovation/ Renovation/ Reposition

The Lot at Liberty Station project consisted of the conversion of the former historic Luce Auditorium into a luxury cinema. The project is located within the Liberty Station development (former Naval Training Center) and involved the transformation of the historical Luce Auditorium building into a 6-screen luxury theatre complex with complimenting full-service restaurant, bar and cafe. Work delivered:

  • Extensive demolition of all of the existing interior improvements, while maintaining the certified historical characteristics of the building, and creating an envelope in which to construct the new improvements
  • New improvements included all of the infrastructure for the 6 auditoriums, all new mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, full-service kitchen and bar
  • In addition, a new steel and glass structure was constructed on the southern portion of the building to provide for an indoor / outside seating area for the restaurant and bar