Meet Darla. She’s the creative problem solver, also known as The Office Manager. She thrives in her role because she genuinely enjoys getting to help the Dempsey team. Being able to resolve problems is truly gratifying for Darla.  

Her favorite project to date has been the build out of our new office.  “When we were about 6 weeks out from completion, no one from the office was allowed to go over and see the ‘progress’ that was unfolding.” Darla enjoyed having the opportunity to be involved with impactful decisions throughout the building process. She shared that “I would walk the 25+ miles all over again that I did during move-in weekend, just to see the look on everyone’s face when they walked in on Monday morning.”

In her free time, enjoys spending time with her daughters at practice, lessons and games. They are her whole world. 

When Darla imagines a theme song for when she walks through the office doors each morning, she envisions strolling in with ‘Working for the Weekend’ by Loverboy. Clearly, a reflection of her love for warm weather weekends in America’s finest city.