Behind the beautiful buildings and concrete pours, we have a team working hard behind the scenes to help make sense of the steps in order to make all of our dreams a reality. Every solution starts with a problem and it’s the brilliant minds who are first to jump in and tackle those problems, that lay the foundation for Dempsey Construction. Vickie Neilson is our Accounts Payable and one of those minds who help everything go ’round for us.

Vickie might be a numbers person, but she’s even more of a people person. To her, genuine building is an attitude, “It is taking a building to the next level. It’s building because you love to build. It’s more than just following the plans and building the building. It is doing everything in your power to produce the best product you can because you wouldn’t and couldn’t do it any other way. It is going the extra step at every turn.”

Vickie believes that Dempsey Construction stands out in the construction world because of our love of the industry and that above all, it’s our dedication to true Genuine Building that makes us stand out among others. She has a “zip-a-dee-doo-dah” attitude when it comes to coming into work here every day, which is an attitude that can brighten up anyone’s work day and helps to set the tone for a great week at the office. “My favorite part about California is the beach, the sunshine, Disneyland, and the people,” Vickie said.

As a people person, Vickie is an advocate for spending time with friends and family in one’s free time. When asked who specifically “family” is to her, she said, “I am blessed (and sometimes over blessed!) with family. To me, family stretches beyond the boundaries of the obvious. My husband, children, grandchildren, and my in-law children, of course, are family. Then I have a large extended family which includes my mother, my and my husband’s siblings and their spouses, my many nieces and nephews and their spouses, and now great nieces and nephews. That’s all obvious. But we have been so lucky to count many of our children’s and siblings’ in-law families as our family too. Add to that the fact that many of our children’s friends are very dear to us and we consider them (and now their spouses and children) family also. As I stated, regarding family, I am beyond blessed and very grateful for it.

Her favorite Dempsey project to-date is the recently completed Hoehn Porsche Carlsbad, a ground-up project of a new Porsche facility. Vickie was able to witness the concrete pour in action and loves that the finished building can be seen all the way from the freeway. That makes it easy to brag about her company’s work.

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