We took some time to interview another one of our remarkable team members recently, Nate Ledgerwood. Nate is an Assistant Superintendent here at Dempsey Construction and has been now for four years! His favorite part of the job, he tells us, is finishing out a project. “There is no greater reward than creating something that will change people’s lives and creating a legacy that will be there for long after I’m gone.”

When we asked Nate what “Genuine Building” means to him, he told us “‘Genuine Building’ means building with purpose and pride. It means rising to the challenges of unforeseen circumstances. It means approaching your finished product like it is a piece of artwork. It means finding joy in the product you create.” Purpose and pride, what better to stand for if not that? 

Most days on the job, Nate describes work feeling like an episode of Seinfeld because “there a multitude of random discussions that happen on a daily basis.” His favorite project to date is Telemundo Phoenix. He says, “It was a huge challenge to cut over to new switch gear while keeping the TV broadcast uninterrupted and it was an honor to be an ambassador of DCI in a new state market.”

Nate says that working in construction has taught him many things, but the most valuable lesson would be to never give up. He says, “Almost daily we are presented an issue that someone has hit a roadblock with. I take great pride in tackling these challenges and coming up with innovative solutions.”

Nate enjoys spending time with his family – girlfriend, Jen, and boxer rescue, D.O.G (yes, that’s her name). In his spare time he is a professional musician, golfer, fisherman, paddle-boarder, artist and MGT enthusiast. Talk about a renaissance man!

According to Nate, building for Southern California is most enjoyable because of its beautiful weather. He told us, “Not having to work in the snow was a major reason for why I moved here.”

Here at Dempsey, we love getting to know our team and are thankful for every incredible individual who works to make this team one of the best.