When you take a moment to truly look at beautiful builds and tilt-ups that seem to defy gravity, you realize this kind of work and these kinds of products would be impossible if not for those who work both behind the scenes and in front, to make everything we dream a reality. Mike Politte is our Assistant Project Manager, his role is vital to the team and essential for any project to be successful.

Mike‘s favorite part about the job is walking onsite to watch a strategic plan unfold smoothly, after spending countless hours in the office using creative solutions to problem solve in order to maintain that. To Mike, “genuine building” means going beyond the traditional definition of “contractor.” The more demand on a consultant or contractor, the more that separates them from their competition. In demanding more of the entire design and construction team(s) by forecasting conflict, Dempsey can safely guide the owner through the treacherous waters of construction.

Since moving to California 3 years ago, Mike says the beautiful state has offered nothing but opportunity in his career and growth as a person. “I am thankful for the opportunities I have had available to me and am anxious to meet the next with a smile,” he says. To Mike, every day offers a new experience. He can take his favorite pieces of each project and puzzle them together to create one intricately constructed, “structure of perfection.”

We asked Mike this: If this were senior year of high school, what would be the motivational quote below your name in the yearbook? He gave us not one, but two quotes:

  • “The amount of yourself you decide to invest in your career, family, personal life, and any other endeavor you pursue in life, if equal to the proverbial fruit it bears.” 
  • “Failure, conflict and struggle are good things. Embrace them and learn.

In Mike’s free time, he enjoys learning to surf (avoiding cell phones so he doesn’t end up on the Instagram page “@kookslams”), playing soccer, spending quality time with the people he loves, swimming, and any good adventure.

We asked Mike one last question, “Do you have any remarkable stories that led you to where you are today?” Mike explained that he spent his early teenage years working on a dairy farm for very little financial gain, his later teens in a lumber yard listening to carpenters complain about CGs/Architects and paying his way through college by building retaining walls and cutting grass. All of that experience led him to earning his master’s degree in Architecture and Construction Management, which sparked his SoCal experience.

We are lucky to have so many wonderful team members like Mike here at Dempsey Construction, and proud to call ourselves genuine builders. Meet the rest of our team of Genuine Builders here.