At Dempsey Construction, we take pride in knowing our team of Genuine Builders arrives to every project prepared for problems that may arise. To make that happen, it’s crucial to have the right people managing our builds. For this installment of ‘People of Dempsey’, meet Drew Wall, Senior Project Manager at Dempsey Construction.

Drew’s main role as Senior Project Manager is to oversee projects from inception through completion. Throughout the project’s life-cycle, he works to develop and monitor project budgets, schedules, production and more. Drew makes sure every step runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

“All of our projects have a significant impact on me,” said Drew. “Whether it was a rainy winter when we committed to overcoming a month of rain delays, a state-of-the-art car dealership or a major broadcasting studio, they all mean something special to me.”

To Drew, our ability to repeatedly deliver great service along with a proper execution is why Team Dempsey stands out from the rest.

“I think ‘genuine building’ means taking on a project with the intent of leaving a mark that you can be proud of,” said Drew. “At the end, [it’s] knowing that you did everything possible to make a project great, then knowing how to do it even better the next time.”

His favorite part about living and working in Southern California is the ability to do almost any outdoor activity year-round. He takes full advantage of this by cycling, mountain biking, sailing, hiking and scuba diving in his time outside of work.

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