Safety is always of the utmost importance at Dempsey Construction. We take the topic very seriously, knowing that it is our duty to keep our team of Genuine Builders safe throughout every project. Our leader in maintaining safety standards on all Dempsey jobsites is Chris Lanser, Safety Manager.

He started with Dempsey Construction in August 2016. In his role as Safety Manager, Chris is in charge of warranty, quality control and ensuring proper safety measures are kept.

“My favorite part of my job is being on several jobsites every day,” said Chris. “It’s great because I get to know each and every Superintendent and field worker. My main goal is to make sure that our team and everyone on the jobsite goes home safely to their loved ones.”

To Chris, genuine building means maintaining a keen attention to detail on all aspects of a project, start to finish. A sharp and clean-looking jobsite really stands out to him in the construction world.

His favorite Dempsey project to-date is the recently completed Hoehn Porsche Carlsbad, a ground-up project of a new Porsche facility that Chris says showcased all aspects of construction. This project consisted of Dempsey’s largest concrete pour, utilizing two 62-meter pumps, pouring at 120 yards an hour, for a 900-yard pour of the top level of the building.

“Working in the construction field has taught me the importance of staying focused, organized and attentive to detail,” said Chris. “Without these in place, safety, quality and production will suffer.”

When he’s not at Dempsey, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Trish, weekend getaways, biking, kayaking, hiking and camping.

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