This week we sat down and chatted with Brandon Jaquay, a Field Operations Foreman at DCI. In his role, Brandon supports the site superintendent and the project management team. Brandon has been with us a little over two years and says his favorite part of the job is working with good, intelligent people. 

We asked Brandon what “Genuine Building” meant to him and he said, “to me Genuine Building is a crafted blend of strategic performance and quality. Dempsey stands out as a solid top tier construction company as we are competing with some of the best!” 

Brandon compares most days on the job at DCI to being in an episode of Dexter because “we’re killing it,” (in the good way)! Brandon’s favorite Dempsey project was First National Bank. He says, “FNB was a beast, Joe Bennett and team built a ‘spaceship’ on Coast Highway 101 Encinitas. To have been a part of this challenging build was a privilege.”

One of the most profound life lessons he’s learned is that the thumb will never defeat the hammer. “It could be 38 degrees or 115, night or day, and always the same victor.” Talk about a thumb war.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys hiking, exploring, weight training, fishing, paddle boarding, cutting the rug and most of all spending quality time with his friends and family consisting of his wife Rosemary and two children Jaydon and Soleil.

A born and raised San Diegan, Brandon says “SoCal is prime for building, between the weather, modernization, and ever-growing population, construction will remain fruitful.” 

Brandon is one of the many reasons why we believe Dempsey has the best team around. We love getting to know our work family and are thankful for every incredible individual who work hard to help us succeed.