We renovated Fairview Commons over in Costa Mesa, and it’s safe to say this project is one of many senior living projects we will welcome. In recent years, the Senior Housing occupancy has been relatively consistent and has never significantly fallen below 90% – even during the economic downturn back in ’08.

Today, senior folks are becoming more educated about the benefits of living in Senior Housing. There is a consistent influx of the older crowd in need of senior living opportunities. The baby boomers began turning 65 in 2011 and by 2029, the remainder will begin to approach the age of 65. This means, the need for quality senior living facilities will continue. 

Fairview Commons is a 148-room senior living facility offering full-service independent living and short-term/respite stays. 

“My favorite part of the Fairview Commons project is that we are building a great project and the residents are very appreciative of what we are doing. Progressively we are moving closer and closer to a finished product and as the project progresses, we’re seeing residents get more and more excited. They comment how the progress of the work is exciting and they can’t wait to live and play in the new and improved building” – Bryce Raleigh, Vice President; Project Manager on Fairview Commons.

We jumped in during the early stages of the project to assist the project team with budgeting and logistical planning. The scope of the project consists of a multi-phased interior renovation. Complete demolition of the residential units and installation of new flooring, cabinets, paint, appliances and MEP services. In addition, the common areas are all being renovated to include new finishes, the addition of a bistro cafe (they’re excited about this one), full-service salon and activities room on the ground floor (cheers to dancing!) 

According to Vice president, Nick Alford, older senior living facilities will need to be renovated to compete with the allure of the amenity-rich newer facilities, “the senior living housing sector is in the process of change and is poised to not only expand, but to reinvent itself.” We’re looking forward to playing a role in this very reinvention.