At Dempsey Construction, safety is always at the forefront of each project. Providing a safe work environment for all involved—our team and the general public—is the most important factor at every job site. To ensure this, our superintendents undergo an OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Safety Training Certification Program. Additionally, our company’s Safety Manager regularly visits all project sites as well as coordinates monthly safety training for team members.

Informed project planning and clear communication are key to maintaining safety. To ensure these aspects are being met, our superintendents complete daily work activity reports and hold weekly subcontractor safety meetings.

“I take safety very seriously, especially on projects where you have students and other pedestrians continuously walking by,” said Chet Adkins, Superintendent at the USD Missions and Ministry job site. “You can’t put a price on safety. Keeping the public and our team safe is a requirement, not an option.”

Safety meeting at the Hoehn Porsche project site

While our superintendents are in charge of day-to-day safety precautions, our company Safety Manager works to ensure that each job site is abiding by specific safety methods to protect all people in close proximity of the project sites. Some of our non-negotiable safety measures include:

  • A six-foot screened construction fence encompassing all work areas
  • Providing a flagman or spotter for all deliveries and/or work that occurs near the project entrance
  • Providing a flagman or spotter for all vehicles that cross high foot traffic areas
  • Utilizing traffic control signs to inform and direct foot traffic
  • Providing appropriate pedestrian protection for any work that occurs outside the security fence
  • Providing a 24/7 point of contact in case of emergency

“I want everyone at all Dempsey sites to value safety,” said Dempsey Construction Safety Manager Chris Lanser at the Hoehn Porsche project site. “We need to really put it to heart and put it into practice. If workers aren’t safe, it impacts your MOD rate, morale and quality. Those three things have to be in sync to have a successful company.”

**Check out this video and learn how Dempsey Construction was able to maintain a safe job site while performing a large concrete pour at Hoehn Porsche in Carlsbad, CA. **

Prioritizing safety through every step, from the initial planning processes to the final product, is how Dempsey Construction is able to provide genuine builders who create buildings of integrity. To learn more about our team and projects, visit