For Dempsey Construction, “Add Value” is a core principle that transcends into our office and out on the field. With all projects, especially large renovations and repositions, the pre-construction is a critical component. This phase allows us to figuratively create a roadmap for the project and gives way for the project team to make real-time decisions relating to budget, schedule and design. From the initial stages of planning and design, Dempsey Construction is able to deliver a unique pre-construction platform and process that leverages our knowledge as builders, ensuring that clients’ goals are accomplished and their investment is a success. The 4400 Ruffin Road Project gave Dempsey the opportunity to reposition a 240,000 square-foot, 5-building office and aerospace manufacturing complex, which was formerly occupied by Pratt & Whitney.

The project involved demolishing a 102,000 square-foot building and renovating an interior, adjacent 130,000 square-foot, two-story office space to include new showcase lobbies and entrances, as well as large structural enhancements. This allowed for the creation of new window openings and expanded clear heights, exterior ACM paneling, and new hardscape/landscape improvements. After the demolition was complete, a new 106,000 square-foot tilt-up warehouse was constructed to feature 33’ clear-height ceilings and 28 truck docks with roll-up doors, which all was constructed immediately adjacent to the existing office buildings. 

Throughout each phase, this intricate re-positioning involved real-time challenges, where Dempsey Construction worked collaboratively with the owner and designers to collectively resolve and deliver solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our team was tasked with being flexible, creative and reacting quickly in order to ensure a successful project for our client. Dempsey Construction built an impressive team of internal personnel as well as subcontractors, designers, and consultants, which allowed everything to flow seamlessly from one phase to the next.   

What was once an old aerospace manufacturing facility off Ruffin Road in Kearny Mesa, has now become a modern office and warehouse campus with added value and soon-to-be-home of new businesses.