We casually walk in and out of beautiful buildings, everyday. We swing open the doors of our grand office spaces to begin our work day. We retire to beautiful apartment complexes and condos where we enjoy a glass of wine and quality time with the ones we love. We spend the evening dining in beautifully crafted restaurants and we host our lunch meetings inside charming cafes in reclaimed buildings. We enjoy meals, libations, cinematic adventures and even a good nights rest inside these noteworthy spaces each day. We make our life’s memories in these buildings. They’re the set of the movie that is our life.

But, have we ever stopped and thought, “How did this get here? How did this rich wood finish and these large glass walls come together like this? And how did this historical building get renovated with such craftsmanship into a contemporary movie theatre? One that managed to preserve the charm of what lived here before?”

Oh, how we take these buildings for granted. There are countless men and women who are turning mere ideas, drawings written on napkins, into the very buildings we live our lives in. These people, they’re the doers that make your doing possible.

In the following photo journal, you’ll find a mere glimpse into the daily lives of the people who physically build our cities.