At Dempsey Construction, our team of Genuine Builders approaches every project with an enthusiastic attitude along with the knowledge and experience to tackle any obstacles they face. Throughout the Hoehn Porsche Carlsbad project, the team was able to truly showcase these skills and successfully complete the project in January 2019.

Dempsey Construction was tasked with building a new, state-of-the-art Porsche sales and service facility in Carlsbad, CA, right off Interstate-5. Launched with initial pushback from the City of Carlsbad, the project is placed in an architectural environment consisting of mostly Spanish-Mediterranean-style buildings. After multiple public hearings and city council meetings, the new modern architecture was finally approved and Team Dempsey went to work on the complete demolition of a previously existing 18,800-square-foot Porsche dealership.

**Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes look at this project .**

“We worked on this project for 63 weeks,” said Senior Project Manager Drew Wall. “To see an old, tired building transform into something new, great and fresh is an amazing feeling.”

The brand-new, 71,614-square-foot dealership facility consists of two showroom levels, multiple service areas and one parking level. While a building of this size is usually built on about three acres of land, our team was tasked with building the new structure on only 1.5 acres. It was constructed with poured-in-place concrete (Type II-A) and CMU, complimented by a large curtainwall with large format stone veneer, ACM panels and perforated metal paneling.

With every bump in the road throughout the Hoehn Porsche Carlsbad project, our team was prepared. They remained calm and collected, determined to finish the build on-time and on budget.

“What I found with Dempsey is that they didn’t overreact to any problem,” said Susan Hoehn of Hoehn Motors. “It seemed that whatever happened [unexpectedly] didn’t rattle them. They just kept going and never were upset or difficult or reactionary. It was always a smooth, comfortable, get-it-done attitude.”

Today, the completed Hoehn Porsche dealership is visible to commuters driving along Interstate-5; a beautiful, modern piece of architecture in Carlsbad, CA.

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