At Dempsey Construction, we are proud to know that each day we are given an opportunity to be innovative and overcome various challenges using our own creativity. Our team of Genuine Builders showcased this innovative spirit throughout our latest completed Frontera project, a 174,200 square-foot industrial building within a larger business park in Otay Mesa.

The Frontera Project, started in March 2018, consisted of the ground-up construction of a new building within a 517,207 square-foot, multi-tenant business park. The new concrete tilt-up building features three main tenant storefront entries with spandrel glass and pop-out elevations. The large size of the tilt-up panels for this build required a 300-ton crawler crane to complete the construction. Additionally, the Dempsey team completed large-scale concrete pours of up to 1,200 yards.

“It’s great to see our hard work come to fruition at Frontera,” said Senior Project Manager Drew Wall. “One of the logistical hurdles we faced during this project was that the scope of work extended into the neighboring building’s truck drive. Coordination, communication and creativity were absolutely paramount to keeping both operations fully operational.”  The end result was a successful project delivered on-schedule and on-budget.

The completed building is 830-feet long and 230-feet wide, featuring 43 dock high truck doors, a 36’ clear height and 6 grade level truck doors.  

“As a whole, I think Dempsey is the most advanced construction company when it comes to collaborating as a team,” said Steve Doddridge, Superintendent for the Frontera project. “Whether it be with a design team, with owners or neighbors, we always have a positive and friendly vibe, which keeps the project moving smoothly. Due to the combined knowledge and effort of everyone at Dempsey, our team is able to easily overcome any challenges that might arise.”

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